Out and about in West Hollywood

Olivia was photographed yesterday out and about in West Hollywood. Click below to check out the photos.

Gets picked up by a car in Studio City

This past Saturday, Olivia was spotted jumping into a town car as she got picked up with a script in hand in Studio City, California.

Sunday candids

I've added Candids from Olivia out and about in LA on Sunday into the Gallery .I hope you like them ,adn don't forget to check them out!


Leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood

Olivia was seen making her way back to her car on August 27 2011 in West Hollywood, CA. She looks stunning and she has a cool cape! I added 17 photos to the PhotoGallery, check them out!

Dr House: Last Episode for Olivia

The filming of the series Dr House resumed in late July, the first episode of season 8 will be released on October 3. Yesterday the reporter from Extra TV, Terri Seymour, interviewed the cast members including Hugh Laurie, Olivia Wilde and two newcomers: Odette Annabel and Charlyne Yi. She posted pictures on her Twitter page and found out that it was the last episode of Olivia.
- On the website of Fox, Olivia talks about her chance to be an actress playing in various projects in film and with great actors. Link to listen to Olivia: click here.

Terri Seymour on Twitter: @oliviawilde you were a doll as always. Thanks for letting us come on set while filming your last @HOUSEonFOX episode.

Olivia testing for female lead in “Horizons” opposite Tom Cruise

Who’s ready to go head to head with arguably one of the biggest movie stars in the world? Variety reports five young up and coming young actresses are testing this weekend to star opposite Tom Cruise in new sci-fi epic “Horizons” (formerly “Oblivion”). Will it be Brit Marling, Olivia Wilde, Noomi Rapace, Jessica Chastain or Olga Kurylenko, some combination of the above or others altogether? All five young ladies are testing for two roles up for grabs on Saturday, but other names are still under consideration.
Tron: Legacy” helmer Joseph Kosinski directs the film about a man named Jack who lives in the clouds above the earth and goes down to the surface to repair drones that keep the planet safe from an alien race that has practically wiped out the human race. The two female leads are Victoria, Jack’s fellow cloud dweller, confidante and lover, and Julia, who had been his fiancee on earth before the invasion.
Advantage Wilde: Kosinski obviously has great affection for the increasingly in demand actress, having already cast her as the female lead in “Tron”. Advantage Marling: the Sundance breakout star was sought for Cruise’s thriller “One Shot” but passed due to scheduling conflicts. Rapace, Sweden’s original “Girl with the Dragon Tattoo”, was hand-picked by Ridley Scott to headline “Prometheus”. Chastain is easily the most prolific actress of 2011, with “The Tree of Life”, “The Help”, “The Debt” and “The Texas Killing Fields” already under her belt. Kurylenko, Daniel Craig’s Bond girl in “Quantum of Solace”, co-stars with Chastain in Terrence Malick’s next, “The Burial.”.
While Universal, the studio behind “Horizons”, has been dumping one high profile project after another in recent days – “Ouija”, followed by “Wicked Lovely” – this particular film is on the fast track, already set for a July 19, 2013 release.

Olivia to take over for Jennifer Garner in Chemistry

According to starpulse.com, Olivia Wilde is set to replace Jennifer Garner, who is now pregnant with her third child, in the upcoming indie flick Better Living Through Chemistry. Olivia joins an all-star cast that includes Sam Rockwell, Michelle Monaghan and Dame Judi Dench in this dark dramedy rooted in America's pill-popping culture.

The story follows a small-town pharmacist (Rockwell) stuck in a loveless marriage (to Monaghan) who rediscovers himself by starting an affair with a trophy wife (Wilde). After Wilde's character introduces him to the pleasures of prescription drugs, they start plotting to kill her husband—that's when things start to get really out of hand. According to Variety, Dench will serve as the film's overseeing narrator

Olivia testing for Horizons

Collider.com reports Olivia Wilde, Jessica Chastain, Noomi Rapace, Brit Marling and Olga Kurylenko are testing for opposite Tom Cruise for Horizons, previously titled Oblivion, a film directed by Joseph Kosinski. The story takes place in an apocalyptic future that finds humans living in clouds above the uninhabitable Earth, and Cruise plays a soldier relegated to staying on the planet to work on drones that seek out and destroy a savage alien life form.

There are two key female roles in the film: a woman named Victoria who is Cruise’s “right-hand man and lover” and keeps him company while he’s repairing drones, and Julia, his fiancee before Earth was invaded. There’s no word on whether the actresses are all testing for the same part, different parts, or both roles simultaneously.

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Heads to a studio in Los Angeles

Olivia was spotted arriving to a studio in Los Angeles on August 14,2011 She looks really beautiful! I've added 13 Pictures into the Gallery , check them out!

Picture can be seen tomorrow ,because the Gallery is done tomorrow .

Arrives at the Palladium Theatre

Olivia was spotted whilde ahe was ariving at the Palladium Theatre on August 14,2011 in Hollywood ,CA for the 2011 VH1 Do Something Awards . I've added 10 Pictures to the Gallery ,check them out!
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