Photoshoot (2011) Town & Country

I've added the new photoshoot Olivia did for the March 2012 issue of Town & Country Magazine. Olivia looks great, take a look at the Images in our photogallery!
Photoshoot (2011) Bettina Lewin 2012 - Town & Country

New Start

Well I decided to make a new start for the Site. Our Gallery doesn't works any longer ( I can't upload Pictures ) so we're going back to our old one. I'm not going to add the old Picture into the New Gallery. You can still see them in our old Gallery. So hopefully everything will be like the beginning ;) I am really excited.

Olivia Wilde Returning For ‘House’ Series Finale

According to, Olivia Wilde is set to return to “House” for the show’s series finale on May 21st!
Original co-star Lisa Edelstein left the show before the eighth season began, and Olivia Wilde left the series in October to focus on movies.
Wilde is scheduled to return for the series finale, which will be directed and co-written by series creator David Shore, but the network has not announced whether or not Edelstein will return for a House/Cuddy reunion.

Olivia Wilde reacts to Hugh Laurie’s “House” ending this year

Olivia Wilde has expressed gratitude at being a part of the Fox medical drama series, “House,” after it was announced on Wednesday that the show has come to an end after eight years.
The former cast member who played Remy ‘Thirteen’ Hadley wrote on Twitter: “House lovers, it’s the end of an era. Shows like that don’t happen, well, ever. I’m honored to have been a part of such a brilliant story.”
Wilde made her final appearance on the show last October, speaking about her departure at the time she said: “It’s been an extraordinary time on the show, learning from Hugh and all the other actors and our amazing writing staff,” Wilde says in the video below. “I see it as a chapter, a really important chapter in my life.”

We're back!!!

As you can see we are back with a new Layout, it took a bit longer than I thought but here we are. Well your new layout is really simple, but i like it. I used the Pictures from one of last years Photoshoot.

Small Break

Hey Guys I will put the site on a Small Break till the 6th February so I close it till then. The site will be not running, because I in my school we're going to make a skiing trip so i can't update, but I promise, that I will open the site again on 6th February.
Love from Nalan

Heads to Ta-Ke Sushi with Jason Sudeikis

Olivia and Jason Sudeikis were photographed heading to the Ta-Ke Sushi in West Hollywood. I've added HQ adn MQ photos to the Gallery! Photos can be seen below.

Gallery | Candids | Candids from 2012 | JANUARY 19TH – Heads to Ta-Ke Sushi with Jason Sudeikis