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Hey I am Nalan and I'm a huge fan of olivia for such long now. I first saw her in O.C. then i started to like her. After a while I wasn't so much interested in her so I didn't saw movies with her for a long time. BUt when I started watching House M.D. I just became such a fan of this one show and in the 4 Season, when I saw Olivia and was really suprised. Well, after a long while I started thinking if I should make a site about her and in Summer 2011 I opend OWI. I am so thankful for each and one of you for the support and everything you did for this site. I want to thank Leighton who helped me out and more!
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Name: Nalan
Nickname: Nelly ,Charlie
Height: 1.65 m
Birth Date: March 24, 1997
Favourite Food: Pizza
Favourite Color: Blue  
Hair Color: Brown,Black,Red